Saturday, March 1, 2008

Pot Pie

The first time I decided to try the cauliflower pot pie from Veganomicon was for a mid-week supper.  Not the best decision.  The dish itself is amazingly good, but it took about 2 hours start to finish.  Fortunately, that night I was in the mood for a project, but from now on I think I'll save this for weekends.  
The sauce is labor intensive in the sense that you have to stand over it and whisk the whole time.  But it comes out deliciously thick and rich (although not exactly pretty in the pot).

Next come the vegetables, which are sauteed together.  Leeks give the vegetables a really nice flavor - oniony, but not overpoweringly so.

While the vegetables were cooking away, I rolled out the pie crust, which came together incredibly quick.  At this  point, I diverged from the recipe, which calls for cutting the dough into little biscuits to place on top of the filling in a dutch oven.  
I wanted a traditional pot pie, so I mixed the sauce together with the vegetables and poured it all into a pie plate.  Then I covered the whole thing with a circle of crust, crimped the edges, and poked some vents in the top with a fork.
The cooking time didn't change with the variation, and pie came out crisp and golden, with a tender, creamy, vegetable filling.  
Here's the pie:

And a slice:

The Big Kahuna gave this a 9.5/10.  High praise.
BONUS:  Herb Scalloped Potatoes
I can't believe it took me so long to make these, even after hearing everyone rave about how good they are.  Yes, they take a long time in the oven, but the actual hands-on time is minimal.  
They are the perfect side to just about any cold-weather meal, but a warning - no matter how much you make, you will NOT have leftovers.
A rare 10/10 from the Big Kahuna, and I think he would have given them an 11 if that were allowed.

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