Thursday, April 3, 2008

We Wish You a Merry .... Easter?

I was in Wegman's yesterday.  I don't go there often, because there isn't one very nearby, but some errands took me in that direction, so I decided to swing by and pick up some good bread, and other goodies.  

I went down the soy milk aisle with the hope of finding a flavor other than plain/vanilla/chocolate, and was rewarded with...... Christmas flavors!!!!!  I can't figure out why they'd still be on the shelf.  I suppose Wegman's had leftovers, and decided to just leave them on the shelf. 

 So now in my fridge, I have Peppermint Chocolate and Holly Nog!  I'd never had either before, so I'm really excited anyway.  I tried Holly Nog today, and it was surprisingly good - not as thick or rich as traditional eggnog, but it has a similar creaminess, and a nice nutmeg-y spice.

It's completely the wrong season, but I'm really enjoying this anyway.

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